The field of information technology is vast and it’s hard to cover it all. Being an It professional we have selected the most appropriate and thriving part of the industry. We are providing It trainings for the software testing and AWS cloud practitioner.

We are offering following Courses:

In this training we cover all the essentials of gripping the testing tools and techniques. Students get to learn about the manual testing, its needs and importance as a background. Our professional software testing experts lead them towards the highly recognized trainings and procedures for the software testing.

In the different phases of the training, the students will get to learn about the multiple software, programs, techniques and paths. All of them are theory as well as practical based. We have designed the course keeping all the limitations and challenges in mind.

A student will learn everything that is essential to track down bugs, issues, glitches and other problems in the software. The course completes it purpose by letting students to have in-depth knowledge about everything.

What we offer in the training?

In the extensive training for manual Software testing we cover following tools and technologies:

  • Test Rail to write test case
  • Jira for project management
  • Postman for API testing
  • Jmeter for performance testing
  • Browserstack for mobile app testing
  • My sql and more


Another top of the line training we are offering is the Automated Software testing. If you appear to be afraid of the manual testing, then here comes the easy way to earn a skill batch. in comparison to the manual testing of a software, it is pretty simple and less time taking. You can make a smart move by learning this.

Software testing automation is all about testing a software using some other software replicating the human driven manual process of auditing or reviewing the software. You do not have to perform the manual operations but run the designated software.

However, it is not simple. To run the software, you first need to learn this software their language, behavior and more. In this training, we are offering you a close contact to all of these software and technologies. Our professionals empower the students with the best of knowledge about these software and platforms.

It turns out to be a crash course with highly valuable information for anyone. The course includes software tools and technologies are:

What we offer in the training?

In the extensive training for automate Software testing we cover following tools and technologies:

  • Python as a Programming language
  • Python Request Library for automate API testing
  • Pytest as a testing framework
  • Selenium Web driver with python for automate web application
  • Git for source code management
  • Bitbucket for source code repository and create a pipeline for auto run
  • My sql for Data validation
  • Slack for to get notification from pipeline activity


The Amazon Web Services cloud practitioner training. AWS is one of the most comprehensive cloud based platforms that are offering more than 200 features services from data centers.

The faster it enables vendors to host their applications, the quicker it is growing on a next level. Knowing the ease of platform, many vendors and businesses prefer to get the AWS hosting for their application. However, they cannot do it themselves. So here comes a AWS cloud practitioner.

Knowing the need and scope of the service, we are offering the training for the people who wants to grow their skill set. You can be the Aws expert and claim for the certification right after completing the training. We enable you with all essential skills and techniques that helps you to stand out from the competition.

What we offer in the training?

AWS cloud practitioner is one of the extensive trainings that we are offering. In one program we are covering everything about AWS. You will get to learn its basics and advance level operations and much more. Here are the training highlights:

  • The AWS cloud and its infrastructure
  • Basic architectural principles of the AWS cloud
  • Significant AWS services and their use cases in analytics and computing
  • Compliance and security of AWS
  • The management of the accounts, billing, and pricing models
  • The operations and deployment of the AWS cloud

The completion of this course is led by the AWS certification. Once you have done the training, you are qualified to apply for the Amazon certification for AWS. After passing a simple test with Amazon, you can claim your certification. The certification will add Moe credibility to your skills and enable you to grow further.

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