Mobile Automation


Course Title: “Advanced Mobile Automation Testing with Java, Selenium, Android, and iOS”


Course Duration: 3 Months


Course Description:

Are you an experienced professional looking to elevate your career in mobile automation testing? Our intensive 3-month course, “Advanced Mobile Automation Testing with Java, Selenium, Android, and iOS,” is tailored to empower you with the skills and expertise needed to excel in the dynamic world of mobile app testing.


**Course Overview:**


**Month 1: Foundation and Setup**


*Week 1: Introduction to Mobile Automation Testing*

– Understand the significance of mobile automation testing in the software development lifecycle.

– Explore the challenges and best practices in mobile testing.

– Overview of the course structure and tools.


*Week 2: Setting up the Testing Environment*

– Install and configure necessary software tools and frameworks.

– Create a test environment for Android and iOS.

– Establish connections to physical devices and emulators.


*Week 3: Java Essentials for Test Automation*

– Brush up on Java programming fundamentals relevant to mobile automation.

– Explore object-oriented programming principles.

– Work with data structures and common libraries.


*Week 4: Selenium WebDriver for Mobile Testing*

– Learn to set up Selenium WebDriver for mobile automation.

– Create and execute your first mobile automation test script.

– Handle mobile elements and interactions.


**Month 2: Android App Testing**


*Week 5: Introduction to Android App Testing*

– Understand the Android app ecosystem.

– Explore different types of Android apps and their testing requirements.


*Week 6: Testing Native Android Apps*

– Automate testing of native Android apps using Selenium and Appium.

– Handle gestures, interactions, and device-specific features.


*Week 7: Testing Hybrid and Web Apps on Android*

– Explore testing approaches for hybrid and web-based Android apps.

– Work with WebView and ChromeDriver.


*Week 8: Android Emulators and Real Devices*

– Set up Android emulators and configure them for testing.

– Connect to physical Android devices and ensure seamless testing.


**Month 3: iOS App Testing and Advanced Topics**


*Week 9: Introduction to iOS App Testing*

– Explore the iOS app ecosystem and testing challenges.

– Learn about iOS app components and structure.


*Week 10: Testing Native iOS Apps*

– Automate testing of native iOS apps using Selenium and Appium.

– Handle gestures, navigation, and device-specific features on iOS.


*Week 11: Testing Hybrid and Web Apps on iOS*

– Extend your skills to test hybrid and web-based iOS apps.

– Work with Safari and WebView.


*Week 12: Advanced Topics in Mobile Automation*

– Implement best practices in mobile automation testing.

– Explore parallel testing, continuous integration, and reporting.

– Capstone project: Develop a comprehensive mobile automation test suite for a real-world mobile app.


By the end of this 3-month course, you will have a deep understanding of mobile automation testing using Java, Selenium, Android, and iOS. You’ll be equipped to tackle complex testing scenarios, ensure the quality of mobile applications, and advance your career in the rapidly evolving field of mobile testing. Join us on this journey to become an expert mobile automation tester and contribute to the success of cutting-edge mobile applications.


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